Eastern European Bible College was founded in 1994 as an answer to the need for training young people with the call of God for ministry. Local ministers in Oradea and pastors from the United States and Sweden joined hands in providing the leadership. Thus the school is marking its 15 anniversary in 2009. INCOR has assisted the college with funds and teaching staff. We also had a part in the purchasing of a property for EEBC – and below is a picture of the architect’s drawing of the remodeled building.

It is not a large school, the total enrollment in the resident school is around 50 and 200 students in the correspondence courses. About 87 % of the graduates are involved in part-time or full time ministries in Romania and other countries (India, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldavia, Italy, Spain, England and USA). In the fall of 2009 the school is looking forward to occupying new class rooms as well as media labs by extending the original building. This is a project that will cost around 50,000 euro (about $74,000).

INCOR feels this is a great opportunity to invest in the extension of God’s Kingdom in Eastern Europe.

Immediately following the fall of Communism in Romania, a great spiritual vacuum had to be filled. In response to that need Eastern European Bible College was established, and INCOR has assisted the college with funds and teaching staff. We also had a part in the purchasing of a property for EEBC.

INCOR has been able to forward funds for a gigantic ministry of mercy to hundreds of children in Romania, who have been placed in homes, been provided medical and dental care and given opportunities for education.


For nearly twenty years INCOR has reached out to needy people in Belgrade – providing food, toiletries, care packages, and finances. The needs continue to be great , as in recent months 130,000 have lost their jobs.

Much of INCOR’s ministry has focused on the Roma (Gypsy) population in Belgrade, estimated at about 200,000. The Roma pastor, Erman Salcovic, and his congregation moved in 2009 to a hall seating 150 people. A large percentage of the Roma population is of the Muslim faith – but many have decided to follow Jesus as shown in the baptismal picture below.

We have been privileged to work with literally hundreds of Roma children. This is nothing short of a miracle, when you consider that they mostly come from Muslim homes. In fact, an imam has been sending two of his daughters to the children’s services and activities. And at Christmas time INCOR has been able to provide thousands of gift packages for these children.

The Roma churches are often very primitive. One of their little shack churches near the Roma settlements under one of the bridges across the Sava River has been there for years. Pastor Erman and some of the congregants constructed this little building a few years back, but in September 2009 the authorities sent heavy equipment to the area and bulldozed down the little church with its contents. So there is a great need for a poor congregation. As you see the pastor and the little church (depicted below), remember them in your prayers and offerings.



In the far North of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in the little town of Ovre Soppero INCOR has extended a helping hand in the ministry to the Sami population and to the Scandinavians in general.

We have supported conferences and teaching sessions, as well as invested some modest amounts in miscellaneous building programs in the north – and also in other parts of the nation of Sweden.