INCOR’s involvement in Nicaragua

In 1998 a prompt from the Holy Spirit led to INCOR’s visiting Nicaragua. A month later Hurricane Mitch struck and INCOR was in position to ship relief goods. Working with our long-term strategic partner in the region, Missionary Ventures International, INCOR helps support two significant ministries:


Nehemiah Center for Transformational Development

At the Nehemiah Center, Nicaraguans and North Americans are working together toward the vision of a transformed Nicaragua. This great resource is helping develop Christian leaders from around the region, equipping them with a solid Biblical basis for promoting much needed spiritual, economic, and social progress in their communities.


Matagalpa Re-nutrition Center

In Matagalpa, an extremely poor community located about 120 miles north of Managua, malnourished children (mainly infants and toddlers) are provided with medical attention, food, and housing until they are healthy and ready to go back home.

Currently there are about 30 children residing in the re-nutrition center. The center also offers free lunches (the main meal) three times a week to needy children in the neighborhood.