Current Projects in Africa

INCOR in Uganda and South Sudan

In Africa, INCOR partners with World Outreach Missions. Our outreach there is focused in three main areas:

Schools–Lweje Island in Lake Victoria has become an education center for many islands in the second largest lake in the world. Hundreds of children and young people have been cared for and educated through this ministry. By now a large number have graduated from College, and others are pursuing various trades. INCOR is there and making a difference. – Pictured below is the fishing village near the school on the island – and a large group of children gathered around the flagpole. What an opportunity to invest in young lives!


Medical Clinics–In South Sudan near the border to Uganda, INCOR is also helping support a medical clinic. The local population can come to this clinic and get the help a registered nurse and her assistants can render. The clinic is located right on the highway, and thus has a lot of visibility, and serves as a base for remote free clinics. The medical needs of people in this region are absolutely unbelievable, and we are fortunate to be able to be of some assistance. In this picture, our medical team is welcomed to Wudabi, South Sudan.

Prisons–For a number of years INCOR has extended a helping hand to the inmates in up to 60 prisons in Uganda. Among them we find ladies with their children, as shown on the picture. INCOR has been instrumental in helping to provide food ( as this is not supplied by the government)- and in one primitive prison we furnished the toilet facilities. Maybe most important of all, we have strongly backed a Bible distribution program among the prisoners, and large numbers of them have had life changing experiences through our ministry there. Joyfully the transformed prisoners lift their voices in praise to God.