Good News Children Education Mission

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INCOR is a regular supporter of Good News Children Education Mission in Calcutta, India. GNCEM serves children of Calcutta and the surrounding region through eleven schools providing education to about 2,500 children for whom poverty prevents obtaining an education in any other way. Two of the schools are for homeless children who are collected daily from the street by bus and van. GNCEM also maintains two orphanages, several churches and house churches, neighborhood evangelistic Good News Clubs attended weekly by about 10,000 children, and on alternate years city-wide evangelistic interdenominational Kids’ Games, with anticipated attendance of 200,000 in 2010. Here are photos of childrens’ “homes”, GNCEM classes and teachers.

The mobile schools are for children who live on the streets, usually with one indigent parent. Photos below show the living conditions, some children at a “mobile school,” a child being shown how to eat a boiled egg (having never seen such a thing he began biting into the intact shell!), and a happy mother receiving her child back from mobile school, happy to have her child given a hot meal and taught to read and write, etc.

The Logos Academy is for pastors and church leaders who have no past formal training and no way to obtain such. It meets for one week every month.

The ministries of GNCEM to the destitute of Calcutta, whom Mother Teresa called “the poorest of the poor,” are regularly supported by INCOR from contributions of loving donors. As with all contributions to INCOR, 100% of funds received are placed directly in the hands of GNCEM with “no strings attached,” but outcomes are monitored on site regularly.