INCOR is unique in many ways:

100 % of all donations received go directly to helping the poor in the world or any other board-approved causes. Administrative work is done by volunteers and costs are paid by the board of directors.

Few organizations can assure the donor that every dollar and cent received will be used for the charitable purposes indicated – but INCOR still maintains this policy.

You are invited to partner with INCOR in its ministry to so many needy people – and especially children – around the world. Your donations are tax deductible as INCOR is a 501(c)(3) organization.

What more can we do?

When we are confronted with such heart-wrenching needs from around the world, we must ask, What can we do to help? The answer is, of course, first we must pray. Pray for the needy, and remember INCOR as well, since we are trying to meet needs in so many places around the globe. Secondly, your offerings and contributions will be prayerfully distributed by men and women of integrity.

Please send your tax-deductible contributions to INCOR via PayPal, or via mail:

P.O. Box 531
Kent, Wa. 98035-0531